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Turn Your Heart Inside Out To Find Answers

The human heart is an amazing machine.  Even more so, the feeling we get from our hearts is even more amazing.  You feel it every day, but whether or not you listen to it is another story.  There are so many things that can block us from listening to what our heart is telling us.

So what exactly is the difference between what your brain and your heart tell you?  What our brains tell us is usually what we have heard all throughout our lives.

“You are a very nice person.”

“You are really smart.”

“You seem pretty quiet.”

“Your decision is very brave.”

“You have a lot of friends.”

These are examples of things that I’ve heard in my life about myself.  When I look back at them, I feel a slight disconnect.  These are not the way I think.  They are words that have tried to imprint themselves on my conscious and subconscious, asking me to follow suit, follow what the people say, and act accordingly.  Slowly but surely, if I let these sayings sink in, my personality will become a conglomeration of a little bit of what everyone has said about me.

This is what following your brain means.  Following my brain based on what other people have said.  Taking other people’s word for how I am.  And the brain cannot sufficiently analyze it because it is not a very accurate machine for analyzing itself.  We have out egos and superegos that get in the way.  I could easily say, “no, I’m not quiet, I just listen and choose my words accordingly.”  But then that would just be complicating the situation because then an internal struggle commences.

Ask your heart what it has to tell you.  Listen closely to what it has to say.  It will never say anything obscene like “you are x, you are not y.”  Most likely it is feelings you will find, emotions.  Feelings and emotions are starting points – they are roadsigns.  The “names” our mind puts on us based on other people’s words is like smoke.  It is impossible to grab and very harmful to inhale.  What you hear from your heart is like water.  It hydrates, it nourishes, it makes healthy the body you already have.  

So drink from your cup.  Drink from your heart.  Meditate while breathing into your heart.  It is so loud at times, but we are told that it is the natural enemy.  We confuse it with our primitive mind, the part of our brain that developed long before our new frontal lobes.  The heart is different because it is not grounded in survival antics.  In fact, it is completely useless in the process of traditional “survival,” but it is the key to opening all the best possibilities for you in this new world.  

Your heart tells you everything you think you should not say.  It speaks so loudly in such plain language, not at all complicated by logic, customs, or anything else.  It is the rugged gem of your existence.  Ragged does not mean flawed.  It means that it needs attention and then it will become more circular, more trimmed, more streamlined.  Your brain, on the other hand, is a series of tangents that lead us astray, because we can really only choose one tangent at a time.  The heart has the amazing ability to transform everything we do into a different color, into a different existence.  Your actions led by your heart will carry your own personal signature, while your actions carried out by your mind will be nothing more than self-conscious and indecisive.

Does any of this sound familiar?  All the criticism you have ever heard about yourself, can’t it be drowned out by your own enthusiasm?

So, what does “be yourself” exactly mean?  

Will you choose to be your brain self or your heart self?  How about just yourself?  What about your urself?   If you want answers that make sense to you and to you only, go with your heart self.  If you want answers that make sense to others based on how they perceive you, choose you brain self.  This post, as well as this site, are not meant to judge in any way your decision, because of the aim, as always, is to help YOU build your ideal life.