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Qualities to Look for in a Lawyer

Lawyers are one of the most sought out professional in today’s time, most especially by alleged offenders and by those who are trying to receive compensation for the trouble caused by another person, mainly due to negligence.

Being a good lawyer doesn’t only mean knowing the facets and responsibilities of your job, but also knowing on how to converse and deal with people, most especially your clients, peers and people like the police, the judges and the people involved in the cases. Clients play a big part in your reputation, if they like you; they will definitely tell everyone they know about you, giving you free advertising (yey!) and loads of potential clients. There are qualities people look for in hiring a lawyer. Remember, they are entrusting their future and the outcome of the burdens they carry on your shoulders.

Experience. Well hey, if you are a rookie lawyer, you are in a major hole in this one. People usually go for lawyers with a good track record and an extensive trial experience and rightfully so. Experience means you know your way around the justice system and are familiar with the law professionals in the area. If you are rookie, the waste way to gain experience is of course offer your services for a lesser fee or work with your peers.

Communication. Allegedly, the society’s idea of a good lawyer is someone with a loud, booming voice with well-groomed hair and looks like an authoritative figure. However, the society actually looks and needs lawyers that can not only prove their point in the trial courts, but also have the skills to communicate with them. In this case, a lawyer must be a down-to-earth, can relate, and is able to empathize with people of different backgrounds and stature. Good communication skills also cover the content of the message, not only with the way on how to communicate. Lawyers who have this quality always keep their clients informed with every aspect of the case. Everything. Absolutely everything.

Organization and punctuality. The profession requires good organizational skills, presence of mind and punctuality. A good lawyer must be able to multi-task efficiently without affecting the quality of his work, be used but not bothered by the stress and pressure of the workplace and of course, be punctual, not only in meeting-up times, but also in filing papers and meeting deadlines. Court filings and everything have strict deadlines, so be sure to hire or be this kind of lawyer!

Money. Here comes the fun part. Being a lawyer doesn’t mean gold and green-colored rectangular pieces of paper. Being a law practitioner requires sacrifice and dedication. Having the mentality of being only after the money, makes you bound for failure and it means that you don’t really love your job. Of course, you have to feed your family and there is a lot of work to be done, but remember that your clients are undergoing a much more harrowing experience, so be reasonable in charging for your services.