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Possible Objections For Your Argument

A lot of times people they only practice on their final draft that’s usually a recipe for disaster so you want to get in the habit of practicing this stuff before you really have to do it okay rule 37 detail objections and meet them now the first things first you’re not always right and your paper is probably not right either so what does this mean it means that to be a good writer to make a strong argument you have to consider the waves or the possibilities that you might be wrong the different defects that your argument might actually contain right so for instance there’s for instance think of every argument can have different types of objections different kind of ways it could be wrong right you could have objections that are against the facts of the argument you’ve made maybe you have the facts wrong themselves. Read some articles and improve your arguments at Edusson.

Maybe the argument itself is is fallacious so for instance this is where you want to avoid any sort of fallacies or objections someone may object against your interpretation of some other author for instance a lot of times students will use one author to sort of pull out a principle and then apply that principle to the subject matter that they’re talking about partly teri currently so but sometimes people can object to make counter arguments related to how you’re interpreting things for instance you could you I remember for instance I took a poetry class once and I made an argument and the professor said no you’ve misinterpreted the text and here’s why so that’s another one of the ways you want to think about here is how could what are objections to your interpretation if you’re making it interpretive or a neuticle text for instance people may have objections against the examples you give and they may have objections against the defense you give for different things.

So you really want to think through what the various possibilities are and then you want to rework your argument in light of these possible objections okay so that means that we’re assuming here that when you write an essay and our community essay that you write it in draft and then you go back and then rework it so you want to make sure to do that just as a sort of a get come here right so for instance what are three things that I think that are helpful here number one is to what you need to do is you need to think of and sometimes you just need to research possible objections so for instance if you’re writing a paper about Descartes and the Cartesian theory of the soul for instance or in in Descartes sex position regarding innate ideas in the mind then for instance you need to think about what the possible objections to Descartes sometimes the best place to go is just to look into the actual and do some actual research.