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Just Do Something!

Often we get bogged down by the sheer number of tasks we perform on a daily basis. But what happens when we have free time? What happens when no one is demanding results from us, there are no deadlines, and you don’t have to be on time?

What happens when you have a day off? Do you keep your mind and body occupied, or do you just feel the fleeting happiness of a day or two or rest and dread the thought of Monday?

My solution to the feeling of dread is this: Just do something.

Any action, no matter how seemingly trivial will get you in a productive mindset. Aim to stay busy all day with whatever you choose. You can assign certain hours to certain tasks, but I prefer to stay more flexible. Stay busy. Clean. Take an online course. Call your family. Read a book. Keep your mind busy and when you need to turn it on for work, you will not feel like you are being bombarded by tasks. You will be too busy to be frustrated or sad. A mind that is always active cannot be pulled down. Minds grow – there is limitless space.

If you can manage to stay busier than you would otherwise at work, you have an advantage. You can use that energy to become a creative leader in your field. Extra energy will be used to solve problems and help others. Remember, no idle hands. And people will notice.