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Interviewing Tips – How to Interview

After getting a company’s attention, you need to prepare to ace the interview.  Listed here is how to prepare.

  • DO investigate the company’s website to discover the company values and human resources philosophy.
  • DO search LinkedIn for a contact in the company. Get an introduction to anyone who may be knowledgeable about interviewing with the target company.  Cold call that person if you have to.  A quick ask for their help will often result in a favorable response.
  • DO practice your interviewing.
  • DO make a list of questions
  • DO research the company reputation by searching the internet for scams, complaints, and reviews.
  • DO develop a great reason to work for that company.  Most interviewers want to hear the reason is because you like to contribute and what it is you can contribute.
  • DO have a positive attitude since you were selected from the pile of applicants to be screened and/or interviewed

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Telephone Interviewing

  • Don’t answer unrecognized cell phone calls unless you are ready to make a first impression!
  • Don’t try to turn the initial call into an interview.
  • Don’t have the radio, tv or anything background noise.
  • Don’t chew gum or eat.
  • Don’t just read them your resume. Provide information and details they don’t already have.
  • Don’t fiddle with anything that might make noise. The telephone can make that sound like hammering.
  • Don’t use a blue tooth device unless you have a really good one that does not create an echo or pick up background noise.
  • DO control the environment in which you take important calls.
  • DO use a land line and a good quality telephone.
  • DO download our list of interview questions and script an answer.
  • DO create a checklist of important points to cover in a telephone interview and check them off as you go.
  • DO have a glass of water ready incase you get parched.
  • DO walk when you are talking. Being mobile helps you create a more upbeat sound to your voice.
  • DO give short concise answers and listen for the interviewer to ask for more detail.
  • DO speak slowly and enunciate your words.