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If The Salary Was Not Mentioned

If it is possible, we should wait until the employer brings up the topic of the payment. If it is too early, starting talking about the money by you is a mistake, because then you seem to be materialistic. It is better if the discussion of salary starts when you have already sold yourself, that is the employer sees you as a desirable person who is worth taking on.

If the employer offers very little, let him know immediately. However, you can count on the fact that you have to make a statement.

If the employer offered a sum that seemed to be reasonable, do not say immediately yes gladly. Try to ask 10 % more.

In case of a potential debate or stress try to stay calm and sober-minded. Keep in mind that this topic is difficult not just for you. Take breaks and deal with silent periods. If you reason for a higher salary, repeat the most important benefits sounding beside you exploiting the experience of the conversation and highlighting the most important movements.

If he does not mention these together with the payment, it is much more difficult to achieve later. But now if the allocations are too little, you can get good reasons why you ask more than offered.

If you are applied just for probation and you can agree on the payment under the probation time, ask about the salary you will get after the contract is made final. After the probation the employers usually give 20-30 per cent higher salary.

Always give your salary claim in gross.

If you say that you want to get 60-65 thousand USD yearly, the employer will obviously adjust to the lower limit.