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How to nail a job interview

To be successful you need a full job interview preparation. To have a good interview, needs skills. Most people are having a job interview once in a lifetime. To perform this time you need preparation and practice.

There is no “best” way to do your preparation for a job interview. How can you start your preparation?

What kind of Job Interview Questions can you expect? Based upon the research of the job description, the employer search and your resumes update you can estimate the expected job interview questions? The best way is to do some job interview preparation on the expected questions. Read more about JOB INTERVIEW QUESTIONS

Practice your job interview answers. Based upon the estimation of the expected questions, you can do lots of job interview preparation on your answers. Practice your JOB INTERVIEW ANSWERS

Research the target job description. Do you have a description? What are the requirements? Know which requirement suits you the best with your skills? Which skills needs more development? Read more about the research of the JOB DESCRIPTION

Research the target employer. Do you know everything about this company?

How do they organize the company? What kind of culture does this employer have? Study their website and search for news on the internet? Do you know anyone who is working for this company? Learn more by starting your  company research

With the company research your making your own company profile of the employer of choice? By getting answers to all the questions you get a better overview about the potential new company? To have a quick overview go to company profile

Initial job interview preparation needs a recent assessment of skills, interest, values and accomplishments. Where are you good at? What gives you the sparkle in the eye? What have you accomplished real great? What is important to you? Read more to assess your SKILLS

Need some resumes help? Update your resume. Is your curriculum complete? Perhaps you miss a special project or activity, which might be interesting for this specific job. With your resume you will start your own promotion. Read more about resume writing tips

Use your referrals and references? Who can help you a bit further on the road? Read more about REFERRALS

Do you know how to dress for interview? The first impression makes a difference. Read more to find out how to dress for interview or go to the interview attire tips for men and women

The first handshake, walk and talk might be that lucky moment. Body language is very important in a face to face meeting. What is important to do and what should you avoid. Learn more about BODY LANGUAGE

Everybody have to cope with nerves. Do you have stage fright? Sweaty hands, do you stutter in public, do you feel warm and do you have red cheeks. Check yourselves out and read more about BEHAVIORAL ANALYSIS

Tips for the job interview preparation d-day

With these tips you learn more what to do and not on the day of the interview.