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How To Do Leadership Essays

I’m going to touch on the myths that sometimes accompany the leadership essays I’m going to touch on kind of why it’s important how admissions we will view the leadership quality and hence the leadership essay and then I’m going to spend the bulk of our time talking about how to actually write successful you should essays and what components should be in them and things like that then at the very end I will like to share with you a bit about expertos our approach what we’ve done how we do it and why we do it the way we do it okay so I hope that you can just turn off your your arm phones if you can if you can describe a notebook and pen down some things even questions I know we are recording this and I want to thank for the opportunity to be part of this series.

And I want to encourage all of you that if you those of you that have questions at the end of watching this webinar recording that you will you know shoot ask your questions at info at explore TOCOM and we can engage with you that way okay so why don’t we get started the first thing I want to tell you guys is that leadership is alive and well a business school don’t let anyone tell you anything otherwise I know a lot has changed in the past couple of years you know I’ve been in that missions industry for over 20 years and I’ve seen a major shift of you know the policies are amongst many of the top schools to go from many many many essays essays there were quite lengthy – just one essay in some cases a couple of essays shorter word count some essays are vague in terms of their wording tell us anything you want to tell us about yourself other essays are so specifically mentioned in leadership you know schools like Kellogg’s whose like talk but I want you to know that regardless of whether the schools actually say in their essay tell us about your leadership anything trust me.

The one thing that they are looking at is leadership potential of every single applicant out there okay and if I had to boil it down to like the most important thing it’s honestly your leadership potential okay and what about titles and it’s not about what some of you might think and we’ll talk about mix in a few minutes but your potential like they’re looking at like what is this person going to be like in the future you know what kind of an alum are they going to be are they going to be hearing about you in the future you know 10 15 20 years down the road and so they are scrutinizing leadership to make sure that you’re going to be a fit let’s look at how a business was an example right.