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Don`t Overdo Examples

Examples they will add value to your point but if the points are missing and the entire paragraph is only examples example example that will not serve the purpose now be as creative as you are now as you must have seen that during the course of this explanation you know we have touched upon various sort sort of points be as creative as you can and don’t don’t be don’t shy away from being creative don’t think that you have to you know you have to follow what everybody else is doing be original in your ideas even if they are slightly aggressive go ahead with it does not matter now see these are some things which cannot be taught to you.

These this will come naturally to you for example if you are from a Hindi medium then chances are you will make more grammatical mistakes you know these see these are some things which cannot be taught you know in this video so for example grammatical mistakes this if you have a very poor English then there is very little you can do in a very short amount of time you can still improve but you know it will take you some time to correct your grammatical mistakes for that you need to continuously write and write and write and then get it checked from a good faculty good English ability who can correct your mistakes so that you don’t repeat it the next time then avoid stylish vocabulary see you.

This is one of the thing that again you know lot of vocabulary you know vocabulary is good using stylish or impressive vocabulary is good but it is not the main point they are not giving you an essay to write so that they can check your vocabulary not at all if you have already a good vocabulary go ahead with it the the you know the idea is to write my essay nz check how you think how well read you are how you can relate the topic how you can correlate various points and the idea is not at all to check how impressive your vocabulary is for example if you want to say fully then say fool only say foolish don’t say impetuous you know it is it was impact to us or something like that don’t write work every which even the examiner don’t understand so be clear in that if you have a good vocabulary you can use some words here and there but don’t overdo it and this is one thing use idioms only if you are confident idioms and phrases.

If you have been using use it otherwise completely skip it don’t use idioms too you know just because you have to use them know now this is also one thing since only a few days are remaining for the exam go through all the burning topics very very important for example right now what are the burning topics well there are topics regarding banking for example this question will surely be asked in banking how we can use technology how we can make banking better you know or something related to Kashmir issue maybe we are India’s relations with other countries and things like that something on globalization or industrialization environment global climate change this is very important.